The Hemolung Cartridge

The Hemolung Cartridge combines a centrifugal blood pump with an advanced gas exchange membrane in one device capable of providing efficient extracorporeal CO2 removal at dialysis-like blood flow rates.

Superior efficiency with ActiveMix™ Technology

The Hemolung Cartridge incorporates ALung’s patented ActivMixTM technology to provide highly efficient extracorporeal CO2 removal at dialysis-like blood flow rates via a single Hemolung 15.5 Fr Catheter.

Simplicity through Integrated Design

The Hemolung Cartridge is a completely integrated pump/membrane making the device easy to use. The integrated centrifugal blood pump provides circuit flows of 350–550 mL/min when paired with the Hemolung Catheter. The simple, closed extracorporeal circuit has a minimal priming volume (260 mL).

Advanced Membrane for Reliable Performance

The Hemolung Cartridge utilizes an advanced dual-layer membrane coating to ensure reliable performance and steady gas exchange. The coating consists of a base siloxane layer to prevent plasma wetting, and a top layer of bound heparin to provide thromboresistance. With ActivMixTM technology providing efficient gas exchange, the Hemolung Cartridge has one of the smallest membranes of any ECCO2R device (0.59 m2).

Part of an Integrated System

The Hemolung Cartridge is a seamlessly integrated component of the Hemolung RAS®, a minimally-invasive solution for extracorporeal CO2 removal (ECCO2R). Learn more or continue exploring the Hemolung RAS® below.

One Integrated System

Hemolung RAS is the first integrated
Respiratory Dialysis™ System

with ActiveMix™ Technology
a minimally-invasive option
easy and intuitive