The minimally invasive choice

Size matters, and when it comes to ECCO2R catheters, smaller is better! The Hemolung Catheter offers the perfect balance of size and performance. At just 15.5 Fr diameter, the Hemolung Catheter is the smallest ECCO2R catheter available. As a dual-lumen catheter, only a single venous access is required. The Hemolung Catheter also features a low resistance design, providing blood flow rates of 350 – 550 mL/min when coupled with the Hemolung Cartridge.

Familiar percutaneous insertion

The Hemolung Catheter is inserted using a standard Seldinger technique, just like acute dialysis catheters. Because the Hemolung RAS runs at low blood flow rates, the Hemolung Catheter is a “unicaval” design, meaning it is placed into either the superior or inferior vena cava, just like a normal central line. The Hemolung Catheter does not need to be placed across the right atrium like larger “bicaval” ECMO cannula.

Goodbye kinks

The Hemolung Catheter is wire-reinforced, reducing the chance of kinking and flow disturbance. The catheter is embedded in an advanced silicone-polyurethane co-polymer.

Enabling ICU mobility

The Hemolung Catheter enables patient mobilization with its small size, reinforced design, and single vessel approach. A femoral and jugular version of the catheter is offered, with the jugular catheter being pre-curved for patient comfort.

Part of an integrated system

The Hemolung Catheter is a seamlessly integrated component of the Hemolung RAS®, a minimally-invasive solution for extracorporeal CO2 removal (ECCO2R). Learn more or continue exploring the Hemolung RAS® below.

One Integrated System

Hemolung RAS is the first integrated
Respiratory Dialysis™ System

with ActiveMix™ Technology
a minimally-invasive option
easy and intuitive