A HiDef view of device performance

Flying blind? Not with the Hemolung RAS! The Hemolung RAS Controller is the first and only ECCO2R system to provide real-time measurement of extracorporeal CO2 removal rate, allowing accurate assessment and adjustment of therapy. Hemolung performance is continuously monitored by measuring the amount of CO2 in the exhaust gas, with no need to take blood samples from the circuit, eliminating the risk of air embolism or circuit contamination. The circuit blood flow rate is also continuously measured by an ultrasonic flow meter. Up to seven days of historical data is displayed for monitoring performance trends over time.

Sophisticated but simple controls

There are just two settings on the Hemolung Controller: pump speed to adjust the blood flow rate, and sweep gas flow to adjust the level of CO2 removal. The sweep gas flow through the system is self-generated and digitally controlled by an internal vacuum pump. The Hemolung Controller automatically detects and uses pressurized oxygen as sweep gas when connected. If oxygen is not connected, ambient air is used as sweep gas.

A picture is worth a thousand words

We know how busy you are on the ICU. That’s why we worked with nurses to develop simple on-screen illustrations for setting up the Hemolung RAS. Step-by-step, the Hemolung Controller will tell you what to do. The system even tests the circuit prior to patient connection to ensure everything is working properly!

Enabling ICU mobility

The Hemolung Controller is completely self-contained, allowing for easy patient mobilization. Because sweep gas flow in the Hemolung RAS is driven by an internal vacuum pump, the system can be run without an oxygen source. If oxygen is utilized, a portable tank can be stored on the Controller. A large handle and four steerable castors allow for easy maneuvering. An internal battery provides power for up to one hour.

Part of an Integrated System

The Hemolung Controller is a seamlessly integrated component of the Hemolung RAS®, a minimally-invasive solution for extracorporeal CO2 removal (ECCO2R). Learn more or continue exploring the Hemolung RAS® below.

One Integrated System

Hemolung RAS is the first integrated
Respiratory Dialysis™ System

with ActiveMix™ Technology
a minimally-invasive option
easy and intuitive